DSC04397-grootThe kitchen revolves around a traditional menu du jour which changes nearly daily and based on locally fresh seasonal products.
The menu de jour  includes a choice out of  3  starters ,the main plat and cheese or dessert.
There is always a choice between fish or meat and on request in advance a vegetarian meal is also possible.



There are also a number of small dishes possible casse-croûte , escargots, moules farcies, cuisse de grenouillie, calamars and the petit friture and many more.

Copie de Photo 097 Les petit friture       

The Auberge has a long history with the petit friture. In the old days the men would catch the Eperlan needed for the petit friture in the canal next to the Auberge and in the afternoons there family’s would arrive by train that stopped in Magnette.

The women in long frocks, girls with big ribbons in there hair and black haired boys running after wooden loops. Anxiously everybody was awaiting for the cuisiner of the Restaurant Magnette to blush there freshly caught fish in flower, fry in sunflower seed oil and then season them with sliced lemons so that a feast meal could begin with petit friture and local wines in the shadow of the three young linden trees.

These days you can enjoy the same made petit friture in the menu as entrée, in a lager portion as casse-croûte or on the Plat Friture together with fries, calamars, onion rings underneath those same linden trees.

We serve hot and cold drinks, most of the well-known French brands, but also Belgium beers.

Our apéritifs de maison “Bourbons des iles”.its a sweet and fruity, whiskey based liquor,
its made local in the picturesque village of Hérisson where Mr Balthazar brews his famous Hedgehog Whiskey.

Reservations for the restaurant is online possible by phone .
Our kitchen and bar are closed on Wednesdays but in the morning we will serve a 
breakfast for our guest in the hotel.